See below for our amazing customer results! The roots revolution is seeing men and women across the world bring their hair back to optimum health. 
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Kerry Garbutt (pictured above) “I've always had fine thin hair but recently feel like it's getting thinner. Been using this for 5 weeks now & my hair feels much stronger and more bouncy. I would always use volumizing hair mousse but have found even without that I'm getting volume! Will keep using for the recommended 90 days to see if any new hair is growing. But so far so good. I'm loving it!”

MORE BODY! Lucy Burton (pictured above) "Started using end of January this year using anti-dandruff and now the coloured shampoo with silk conditioner and just started using the leave in spray can certainly see the difference more body thanks lucy xx"

Helen Lowther (pictured above) “I'm currently on my 3rd lot of shampoo and conditioner and wanted to let you know that when I visited my hairdresser of 20 plus years she was amazed! She said she'd never seen my hair in such great condition and asked me all about my new shampoo. She's been with me throughout my struggles and was so happy for me to be getting results after trying so many other products. Thank you!”

Hannah Yeo (pictured above) "I’ve only been using your 3 step hair care for about 3 weeks but I’ve seen a massive difference in my hair. ['...] I’m slowly lengthening the time between washes. Really, really happy with it. Also in this picture I literally just washed and dried my hair then brushed it- it looks like I’ve had a proper blow dry! Really happy with it"

Deborah (pictured above) “I am a total cynic. However, I looked back by chance at a picture of me last October (on the right). The one on the left was taken last week.”

Deanne (hairdresser) Ashlee (pictured above) Since using roots the condition of Ashlee’s hair has improved dramatically. Ashlee’s Hair was dry damaged and unhealthy. This product has strengthened Ashlee’s Hair as well as giving it extra shine and making it extremely soft to touch. There is even new growth that has now started coming through which she has never had before. After seeing these amazing results I highly recommend.

Sylvia Goodman (pictured above) My hair was so frizzy and dry, the shampoo and conditioner is fantastic,, no frizz and soft and bouncy.. after the menopause it started getting thinner, but it’s thicker and shiny. I will never use another product......


Ina Jacobs (pictured above) “I am over the moon with the results, it feels Fabulous! I am 60 and feel my hair is the best it has been. Will keep you updated. ❤️”

Louise Shrieves (Pictured above) Initial Review…."Used twice and love already how it makes my hair feel . The conditioner is so concentrated i only need a tiny amount for my permed hair and it detangles on contact"

Follow up Review “I have been using for 4 weeks now. My biggest problem was hair loss due to hormones and tangled permed hair. I would lose an Afro comb full of hair every day. I tried this as i had read the positive reviews and it really does work. Im not a fan of the shampoo as it's like a gel and i have to use half a bottle to cover my shoulder length hair so i took advantage of the 3for2 offer on the conditioner. This stuff is very clever as it detangles my hair on contact !!!! No more finger combing or pulling and tugging. My hair loss was reduced by around 70% after first use. I feel I'm experiencing the natural hair loss of a twenty-year-old :)thanks roots”

Sarita De La Gorolay (pictured above) Real people sharing their real results from Roots “!It works so well I am v happy with it”

Melissa McIaughlin (pictured above)

“love it! I can see a difference after only using the shampoo once! I have really long hair that is prone to breaking. I have noticed no hairs coming out when drying like I usually do or when brushing. It feels so much better! Definitely going to get the conditioner!”


Rosemary Sands I have only been using the spray for 7 days and already my hair is full of body and looks 100 times better. It also is not coming out as much after washing. My hair is very fine and coloured professionally every 6 weeks . I use 3 sprays onto my fingertips twice a day and massage into the roots.It is shiny, bouncy and I can't thank you enough ....it certainly works for me

Christine Douglas This shampoo an conditioner is just fab it has started to give my lifeless hair life again would recommend it to all x

Anita Ferguson On my second bottle of colour protect shampoo. Initially I didn’t like it, my hair didn’t feel clean and I had to wash it more often than normal but I persevered and am so glad I did. My hair is in far better condition than it’s ever been, it takes way less styling which is a godsend in the mornings, and my colour is not fading nearly as fast as it did before.

Sharon Lawford I love this , my hair is healthier and stronger , even my hairdresser noticed !

Sheila Daly I’ve been using this system for three months and can’t believe the difference it’s made to my hair. It is thicker and in great condition. […]. Amazing. X 

Samantha Justice I noticed after two washes and it’s just getting better. I recommend to everyone! Forget any volumising product you have previously tried this is amazing it’s amazing!!

Sharon Buchanan Love this shampoo and conditioner...my hair is so damaged from colour and bleach and so flat!.ive been using this for 2wks now and the difference is amazing!!! At last I have body !!yayyyy

Nicola Jane Bannister For years I have been noticing an increase in hair drop with shampooing and brushing. At my age hormones ensure everything starts going south including hair lol. I decided to try the roots shampoo and conditioner range. First thing I noticed was the consistency of the shampoo, it's watery which told me less chemicals, and smelt of tea tree oil. The conditioner is firmer and creamy on the hair. I have so far washed and conditioned my hair 3 times, and already feel I'm experiencing less hair drop. I noticed my hair is not as soft or as shiny as with my usual shampoo and conditioner, but I will continue to use the roots system as I feel it is strengthening my hair.

Afia Ali I have been using it the shampoo and conditioner for 3 weeks now and can say it's made a huge difference to my hair pleased with the results the spray I did not buy as it has been out of stock due to high demand but overall the shampoo and conditioner have worked wonders so far

Sylvia Goodman My hair was so frizzy and dry, the shampoo and conditioner is fantastic,, no frizz and soft and bouncy.. after the menopause it started getting thinner, but it’s thicker and shinny. I will never use another product......

Colette Heenan Hi Sarah I have thin hair and I’ve tried everything in the market!! I’m 3 weeks into using double roots & the difference it has made is amazing!!! […] honestly I would recommend this product to anyone xx

Michelle Godfrey I bought this on the weekend. I've washed my hair a couple times and I love the consistency of this product, it's really light and makes my hair feel very soft, and makes it blow-dry / straighten well. I'm not sure how they've achieved this as all other non-sulphate shampoos I've tried are very heavy and leave a residue. I've used the spray daily and I'm looking forward to seeing improvements. I've seen some comments regarding the spray making people's hair greasy.. I really hope the formula doesn't change as I didn't find this was true for my coarse hair, it was all good! At least Keep this formula for coarse haired people please!! Will leave another review in a month or so.

Deborah Hinckesman I have super fine hair and have almost tried everything...but I have been using this for about a month and I can literally see the difference ... I don’t work for roots either!

Nicola Bowens I have fine scraggly fine hair thats snaps and tangles easy! and have spent lots of money on different product's in the past even hair vitamins etc i have been using roots for 2 weeks washing it everyday and the using the spray too! I can honestly say i can feel a difference in the hair texture it feels less tangley and easier to brush after washing […] Also when most people say they have fine hair its never as fine as mine!

Tracy Martin After a serious car accident I found that my hair was falling out I'm not talking about a small amount of hair loss this was major hair loss to the point I was blocking the shower with my hair, […] I was trying everything to help reduce the amount I was losing on a daily basis, from vitamins to expensive shampoos and treatments.when I saw this advert for "roots" I just thought well I'll give it a try and I can honestly say it is WORKING I actually cannot believe it id given up on anything working its transforming my hair bit by bit everyday it's amazing so glad I tried it!

Kim Hale Have used this 3 times now - dandruff shampoo and conditioner - I have very thick hair but it's frizzy and dry - changed texture as it's gone grey. I also colour it. I am very pleased with the results, my hair feels smooth and shiny and much better condition than I've been getting with other, more expensive shampoos and conditioners.

Sara Louise Hill After 5 plus weeks of using just the spray (only using 4 times a week) I have much less hair falling out after showering and during the day 👍 […] 

Nancy Wright I've reviewed this shampoo a few times now, I'm 51, my hair was literally coming out in handfuls. Texture was dry and brittle and kept breaking so much I didn't want to touch it. I noticed a remarkable improvement in loss and texture within 4 days, and 7 weeks in I'm more than happy.

Viv Redmond This shampoo and conditioner is brilliant!! I have very fine hair and it works wonders on my hair! 

Huma Shirazi I have been using this for a month and not even on regular basis (wash my hair twice or 3 times a week ) have seen a difference 😊 not loosing my hair the way I use […]

 Clare Bear Love this product my hair is so healthy looking […] I have noticed less hair loss when showering and brushing and my hair dresser has commented […]! Which is a first after my two children. I apply the shampoo twice as I feel I get a good lather up on the second application! I love the conditioner which doesn't weigh down my hair and the intensive spray is fab! Definitely recommend this product! 💆🏻 👌🏻 👏🏻

Janie Hollis-Clark I’m pleased with this product. My hair is very thin, frizzy and patchy, and after two weeks of using the shampoo, conditioner and spray, there is already a noticeable improvement. 
I shall be interested to see if it continues!

Bunny Bailey Absolutely love this stuff!! I have bright red hair for which I bleach the roots, the extreme clean shampoo and the conditioner are the best sfs and paraben free products I've ever used and I've tried a few over the years (had the same colour for 10 years), the fact it's cruelty free and vegan are a massive bonus!

I highly recommend this stuff

Pam Fitzhugh Was very sceptical about this shampoo, WOW what a difference already, hair feels clean and not weighted down with the silicones like in normal shampoo, feels so much fuller and healthier, looking forward to the longer term results if its this good already , love it

Becca Gates-Patch After using for a couple of months, I noticed my hair […] was in much better condition, highly recommend for short, damaged hair :) also cruelty free and vegan, ticks all the boxes! 

Julie Nuttall I bought my products about 8 weeks ago and the difference has been commented on by family and my hairdresser. My hair […]  is in much better condition. Would definitely recommend this product.

Anne McCreath I receive my order of roots today washed my hair tonight really good my hair feels great very happy  😊

 Anita Morgan Montague It's been almost 5 weeks and I think my ragged hairline is starting to improve. Definitely less hair in my comb after washing it. Contrary to some other reviewers on here, I love the smell. My thinning curly hair is looking fuller. At 53 I thought it was an unstoppable process, but I really think there is an improvement. I am going to continue to use all three products based on my results so far.

Linda Sparkes I am 65 & have very fine hair but managed to purchase the "intensive spray" . I have to say I was amazed at the results my hair looks great […] & full. I would like to purchase the shampoo and conditioner when it comes into stock at Superdrug store. 

Stephanie Scott I've just purchased this system used it once and my hair has more volume and looks like I have more hair. My hair is dark and curly fine to medium. I'm liking how it gives condition to curly hair. I'm a hairdresser that likes using natural products. Hope this helps. Think is worth trying

Janice Holroyd Used this once and my hair looked the best it has in ages. Thank you

Gail Cook I have been using for 2months my hair looks and feels healthy my hairdresser commented how quick it’s grown

Jay Kersh It works, end of story

Pam Fitzhugh As previously stated I’m very happy with this product, my hair has body and dnt need to wash every day now, sodium lauryl sulphates are what makes the shampoo lather for those saying its harder to lather up, i dnt want those toxins on my hair , my hair looks fuller and not flat anymore, i,m very happy with it

Christine Graham Ive been using this for three weeks and I’m stunned by it. […] Its amazing  😉. Receding hairline is disappearing to. No more hair extensions for me. Very happy with the results so far. 

Robyn Jenny Peoples Taylor Brilliant for fine hair. I've been using it for 3 weeks and my hair has improved significantly. Highly recommend.

Helen Lee I’ve been using this for 6 months along with the spray in treatment and the changes in my hair are fantastic. Well worth the cost.

Sue Lock I'm just using the spray and it has definitely made a difference. If you part your hair in several places, spray directly onto the scalp and then massage in with the fingertips, i don't find it makes the hair sticky. Takes me a couple of minutes, twice a day.

Bridie Page Two compliments hair wise, yay! Not had that in years! Woohoo!  🤗

Jackie Robdrup Kneeshaw The shampoo and conditioner are really good. My hair is in really good condition since I’ve been using it x